Auto Loans

No Credit Check Auto Loans

Auto loans are designed to assist you with your purchase for your car. It is a language that is used in South Africa that refers to it as auto or car loans. The aim of this type of financial assistance is to help you pay for the installments of your car.

Auto Loans In South Africa

There are many institutions in South Africa that offer car loans assistance. Major banks like FNB, Standard Bank, Absa bank, Nedbank and African bank also provide vehicle loans. The difference might be that they are no offering the no credit check vehicle loans.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

These are types of vehicle loans that are issued to people with bad credit record. They are just similar to no credit check loans in that your financial record or payment record is not taken into account when issuing this type of assistance.

No Credit Check Auto Loans Disadvantages

To take a no credit check auto loans might be to bind yourself for a long time. The interest on these loans is always very high because of the risk involved in the transaction. We know that banks are very struck when it comes to all forms of lending. However we do recommend that people do try their banks first anyway. This is because sometime banks relax their majors when it comes to services they are offering. You might have a lucky day.

Auto Loans Interest Rate

The interest on auto loans might vary from one bank to another. The same might apply from one lender to another depending on their size and their ability to collect from their debtors. We advise our readers to always shop around for lower auto loans interest. We know very well that you might be in a hurry but be careful because a car repayment term is always very long.

Application Process

The application process for this type of service normally take longer than any time of credit. The logic behind that is not clear but it might well speak to the fact that your details must be captured and verified before approval

Sound Advise

Always bear in mind that you might be paying higher interest than normal because of risk involved. If you can try and finance your vehicle with other option, always try that first. You might as well want to wait until your record if fixed before you can try to apply for these auto loans.