Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts Durban

Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts Durban

Blacklisted cellphone contracts are types of contract that are given to people who have blacklisting on their names. Names get blacklisted with ITC if you fail to pay for your account on time or if you do not pay at all. There are different types of blacklisting like slow payer, default and judgement.

Why Blacklisted Cellphone Contract (Durban)

If you are blacklisted, you might have difficulties buying a contract cellphone. This is why many people rather look for service providers who are prepared to assist with contracts to blacklisted clients. There are not so many but it is possible to locate them. Make sure that you have all required documentation before you submit this kind of an application.

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December is now approaching and many people are already looking for this type of contracts in Durban and surrounding areas. Blacklisted cellphone contracts are not just a Durban phenomenon but a national matter of interest. This is because the number of blacklisted people continue to rise as a result of difficult economic times globally.

Here are documents that you will always need have when you want to submit your application for this type of contract:

Proof of residence (proof of address)

ID copy

Proof of income

Work telephone number