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Bad Credit Personal Loans – Blacklisted Loans

What Is A Bad Credit Loan? Bad credit loans are loan given to people with a bad credit record and are struggling to obtain a personal loan from the bank. This type of a loan is also called blacklisted loan. Institutions like banks have very strong policies regulating they product offerings like personal loans, credit cards and even… Read More »

Fnb Islamic Youth Account – FNB Personal Loans

Islamic Youth Account The Islamic Youth Account helps under 18’s learn to manage their money wisely. By learning this valuable financial skill early in life you are preparing for a financially wise future. What are the benefits? An Islamic Youth Account allows you to: Set up debit orders At ATM facilities you can perform: Balance Enquiries Inter account… Read More »


RCS Loans for Blacklisted RCS loans for blacklisted are offered to people who have bad credit record and are struggling to secure a personal loans from major banks. Most banks do not provide credit to blacklisted people. RCS group is a finance business offering various financial products to consumers in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The two primary… Read More »

Fnb Encore Account – FNB Personal Loans

Benefits The Encore Portfolio is exclusively designed for clients aged 55+ who would like to benefit from a collection of banking and short term insurance services. Receive unlimited electronic transactions and a combination of 5 manual transactions when you maintain a credit balance of R5000 in the Encore Cheque Account at all times or have R10 000 pledged… Read More »

Fnb Personal Loan Calculator

Fnb Personal Loan Calculator Fnb Personal Loan Calculator is a tool made available by FNB to help you calculate your loans repayment. FNB is the oldest bank in South Africa, and can be traced back to the beginning. Eastern Province Bank formed in Grahamstown in 1838. Today, FNB trades as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. When looking at… Read More »

Capitec Personal Loans Online Application

Capitec Loans Online Application Information Capitec personal loans are offered up to R230 000 to individuals who might find themselves in corner and need additional credit. Capitec personal loans or credit solution allows repayment flexibility in that you have up to 84 months to pay the loan back. Advantages of Capitec Personal Loans  You can apply online in… Read More »

Tips for Saving on Loans for Blacklisted

All loans for blacklisted are very expensive as comported to loans offered by traditional banks in South Africa. This is the case across the globe and that is linked to the risk involved with this type of assistance. Added to the cost of these loans is the application fee that is decided by the creditor. There are ways… Read More »

FNB Loans For Blacklisted

FNB personal loans are loans designed for individuals who find themselves in need of extra cash. It is sometimes not easy to get along especially when you have responsibilities to satisfy with extra cash. A personal loan can help you pay for extra cost that might have generated huge interests if not take care of now. FNB Personal… Read More »

Credit Amnesty South Africa

What Is Amnesty? Credit Amnesty is a government initiative that takes effect on April 1, 2014. The credit bureaus removed information from your credit report as follows:Once-off removal of negative information, including DEFAULTS, that were reflected before 1 April 2014 . Once-off removal of paid-up JUDGMENTS that were reflected before 1 April 2014.What Is Credit Amnesty Not? Credit… Read More »

Std Bank Student Loans

Std Bank Student Loans Std bank student loans are loans offered to students who want to enroll for tertiary education in South Africa. A world of possibility awaits you; don’t let anything keep you from getting ahead. Get a Standard Bank student loan to pay for higher or further education and make your dreams a reality. Std Student… Read More »